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Personalised Haynes Manuals

These Personalised Haynes 'Explains Manuals' will help grown ups handle many situations where there are gaps in their knowledge. From marriage to babies, teenagers to pensioners these A5 size manuals will 'tongue in cheek' keep your skills in tip top condition.  


History of the Haynes Manual
John Haynes OBE published his first book when he was still at school. The book, ‘building an Austin 7 Special’, written in 1956. He wrote two more 'Special' builders' manuals while doing his National Service in the RAF. The first known Haynes Owners Workshop Manual was published in 1966 for the Austin Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprite. Read more...

Wikipedia - Haynes Manual 
Series of practical manuals from the British publisher Haynes Publishing Group. Read more...