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0844 7366168
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BFPO Delivery of Gifts

British Forces Post Office

We are pleased to ship gifts to our hard working forces at home and abroad.

You can select from any of our ranges of gifts - Please check with your Military Advisors with reference to Alcohol being sent to BFPO addresses.
For more information visit: BFPO services guide - GOV.UK (

The important information is the Delivery Information:

British Forces addresses must have the full title of the service person it is being sent to. They must have a registered BFPO number and must not contain a UK postcode as the delivery is made by the BFPO number alone whether it is going to the UK or an overseas base.

When you have finished selecting the gifts and clicked on the [Check Out] button you will be prompted to enter an account with your details.

Once you have submitted your account the system will display your gifts in the Hand Cart. Click on [Check Out] button and you will be displayed:

Step 1 of 3 - Delivery Information - this part is different to normal orders.

   Please ensure that this procedure is followed:

   Click on [Change Address]

   Delivery Address Selection:
    - Enter the recipient’s number, rank and name including the sub-unit & unit
    - County/State option - Select 'BFPO'
    - Post/ Zip Code option - Enter the full 'BFPO number' issued to you.
    - Country Option - Select 'United Kingdom'

   The order will now be recognised as a BFPO shipment.

Please allow up to 12 weeks for the gifts to arrive - you should be advised by the military advisors via the base about the current delivery situation.

You will be charged our standard GB shipping cost for the order.
We do offer free delivery on a number of items in the category - 'Gifts with Free Delivery'.

If you have any question please email us via 'Contact Us' and we will be happy to help.

So, now you know what we can do for you - why not spend some time looking around our Gift Categories.

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