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Terms and Conditions

All orders must be placed online via this website.

When you place an order for a product you are offering to buy it for the price stated, subject to these Terms and Conditions.

When you place your order you will automatically be sent a confirmation email.  These email confirmations are produced so that you have confirmation of your order details for your records.  The receipt of an automatic confirmation does not necessarily mean that we will be able to fulfil that order as we need to check availability of the product(s) ordered.  If the product(s) is available and the details of the order are correct, you will receive an email with a status 'Released to Production'. At this point the order is fixed and cannot be amended. The final email sent to you will be once the product(s) is dispatched status 'Shipped'.  Should the product(s) be unavailable we will also notify you via email.  In the event of a product being unavailable the payment made for that product will be refunded in full.

We may cancel any order if it is reasonable to do so and may change or discontinue the availability of products at any time at our sole discretion.  If we need to cancel an order you will be notified via email and any payment made for the product(s) will be refunded in full. This does not affect your Statutory Rights.
All new orders are deemed separate and each is treated individually.

Gift Wrapping Option
Selected personalised and engraved gifts include an option to gift wrap at £3.90 (inc VAT) per item. The gift will be wrapped in a design sympathetic to the occasion. The printed personalised gift tag will be attached to the wrapped gift. This option is available for selection and payment at the Checkout process.
Please note:
- In busy times it may take an extra day to process your order when gift wrapping is selected.
- Gift wrapping is not taken into consideration for free shipping.

Discount Coupons
Unless it is stated in the advert Discount Coupons and other Coupon Vouchers the discount offer includes discount off gift wrapping.

Caring for Mirrors
Shatterproof Mirrors: All shatterproof mirrors should be cleaned using a soft cloth such as a micro cloth. You can use mild soap and water or an anti-static polish. You are advised not to use glass or window cleaning products or any abrasive cloths. If you are putting one of these mirrors on to a recently painted wall or ceiling, please wait two weeks for the paint to dry out completely. Please also make sure the mirror is put up on a flat surface or distortion may occur.

Glass Mirrors & Handcarved Classic Mirrors: Glass mirrors and handcarved classic wooden mirrors can be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge and a glass or window cleaning fluid. Do not use any abrasive materials to clean your mirror.