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Mirrors - Shaped and Fun

Themed Mirrors - Shaped & Fun at Shed Load Of Gifts
Need a gift to reflect a special interest or love?  Want it to be really out of the ordinary?  Well, you can’t find mirrors like this on the high street!  Whatever the interest, you’re bound to find just the right thing here.  Unbelievably, we can provide mirrors in a huge variety which will enable anyone to construct their own display of small, medium or large mirrors. My hairdresser was delighted with her range of hairdryer mirrors of different sizes which she has made good use of to enhance her salon.  Wildlife lovers, historians, transport buffs, horse riders and even farmers and builders will be thrilled to have these super funky mirrors in their homes, you can even buy alphabetic and numeric mirrors to make up door signs and other displays.  Please take a look as I have only mentioned a small part of our range (otherwise you’d be here all day reading this instead of looking).  All our mirrors are acrylic (so shatterproof) and are easily affixed with specially provided adhesives, and many can be personalised for that extra special touch. 

Alphabet Mirrors
Animal Mirrors
Clock Mirrors
Dinosaur Mirrors
Fun Mirrors
Garden Mirrors
Number Mirrors
Sports Mirrors

All in all, mirrors do tend to come in some very conventional shapes – well, NO MORE! We have an enormous variety of fabulous mirrors in all shapes and sizes, following loads of different themes as well as numbers and letters to make up wonderful and original displays. These mirrors are incredibly easy to arrange and put in place as no hooks or strings are involved because they are self-adhesive and can be positioned in any arrangement you wish. These mirrors can create superb displays and will brighten up any space, be used to make up door signs or even to advertise your profession within your workplace. Stand out from the crowd – we bet you haven’t seen anything so innovative in a long time.
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